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Spotters REBEL Gloss Brown/Halide




This eyewear has been designed and made for you if:


>  You have your own personal star quality

>  You appreciate outstanding design

>  You want sunnies so comfortable you can wear them all day, every day

>  You want to experience incredible visual clarity


Frame color: Gloss Brown

Lens color: Halide


Spotters’ Halide is the world’s darkest polarised Photochromic copper crown glass lens. The Halide lens has been specifically developed for people who are sensitive to extreme glare. The unique high contrast copper tint of the Halide lens offers better clarity and depth perception to the human eye than any other colour, and delivers it without distortion. Halide makes objects sharper, gives clearer vision over distances, shows greater depth perception in water and eliminates eye fatigue and headaches. The Halide lens is also dark enough to hide your eyes.